Recycle Your Used Water Filters Now

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Recycle Your Used Water Filters Now

All brands of household water filters accepted.

  • Refrigerator Water Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filters
  • Drinking Water Filters
  • Sediment Water Filters
  • Carbon Water Filters 

We accept all top brands of household water filter such as:

  • Brita Wter Filters
  • PUR Water Filters
  • Whirlpool Water Filters
  • Culligan Water Filters
  • Sears Water Filters
  • Maytag Water Filters
  • GE Water Filters
  • Frigidaire PureSource and PureSource 2
  • Jenn Air Water Filters
  • Goes Green Water Filters
  • Pentek Water Filters
  • Campbell Water Filters
  • Airco Water Filters
  • Kemflo Water Filters
  • Hague Water Filters
  • Kinetico Water Filters
  • Eco Water Filters
  •  LG Water Filters
  • Amana Water Filters
  • 3M Water Filters
  • AquaPure Water Filters
  • Water Factory Water Filters
  • Harmsco Water Filters
  • Spa Filters
  • Swimming Pool Filters
  • All Drinking Water Systems

100% recycling of all identifiable recyclables.

  • All boxes, product labels, manuals and paper products recycled into new paper products.
  • Clean packaging such as bubble wrap or foam are reused by local shipping companies.
  • Plastics recycled for reuse in non-food grade applications.
  • Everpure water filter cartridge aluminum case bulk recycling.  Aluminum recycled into new aluminum products.
  • Carbon converted to energy to reduce the demand on other energy sources such as oil and gas.
  • Fibrous materials and poly-spun sediment filters for use in consumer products, farm and ag insulation.
  • Rubber O-rings recycled for post consumer goods.
  • Metal screws, retaining rings and miscellaneous metal parts recycled for use in post consumer or industrial goods.  All metals metled and repurposed as new metal products.

We do not accept medical filters or filters used in oil, chemical or harardous materials.

 Recycle Your Used Water Filters Now


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    Recycle Water Filters - Recycle Used Water Filter Cartridges Now
  • Why Is There A Fee To Recycle Used Water Filters Why Is There A Fee To Recycle Used Water Filters
    Just like most local trash pickup companies charge for picking up recycling, we must charge to offset the costs associated with recycling the used water filters. While there is a small residual value in the recycled materials, it does not cover the cost of recycling the used filters.
  • How To Package Your Shipment How To Package Your Shipment
    First be sure to dry out your filters. Set them out in the open air until they are completely dry. If you set them in the sunshine they will dry even faster. Then place them in a box and adhere our shipping label to the outside of the box. You must have your order number on the outside of the box or your shipment will not be accepted. Shipments without the order number on the outside of the box will be refused and returned to sender at sender's expense.


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